Thursday, 14 June 2007

Asia update


I booked the flights from the UK to Hong Kong and back today! We've been busy all week with arrangements for the Asian dates, and we're very excited about it. Tomorrow we'll have confirmation for the last show we're planning, and then we can book the inter-Asian flights between shows. There will be 8 flights in all, which is a lot of time in the air. Olly's pretty nervous about it, apparently, and plans to drink a few whiskeys before take-off.

We are most excited about:
-pearl milk tea
-seeing Dickson (and hopefully ma and pa Ho) and Sapphire in Hong Kong
-meeting Loou in Taiwan, Chang in Beijing and Gary in Hong Kong
-making things up for Noel and Rachel
-drinking in Asia
-new Asian-edition t-shirts
-the coffee shop acoustic show in Taipei
-the Formoz!
-meeting Yo La Tengo and Mercury Rev
-getting picked up at the airport by people with 'yndi halda' signs
-real Chinese food in China
-yndi posters with Chinese/Cantonese/Japanese text on them
-the Happy Hotel

We are not excited about:
-13-hour flights
-distinctly non-English weather
-no Marmite
-feral Tokyo ravens
-being out-performed by Yo La Tengo and Mercury Rev
-turtle blood shots and thousand-year egg
-needing jabs
-not being able to speak any of the languages we will be encountering and having to force people to speak English

lovely lovely fun.

dates are:
26.7 - Hong Kong - Kowloon, IMNet
29.7 - Taiwan - FORMOZ
30.7 - Taiwan - Taipei, The Wall
31.7 - Japan - Tokyo, O-Nest
3.8 - China - Beijing, The Star Live


Joe said...

Nice one! Just noticed this flyer in White Noise today. Make it a goodun okay. Will appreciate that! See you in HK.


windy days said...

got your pearl milk tea? :P