Friday, 27 July 2007


we arrived in Taiwan hungover and under-rested, but the festival looks amazing, and there are some great people here.

It was great to meet: Sabina, Loou, Jackie, Asobi Seksu, Dean & Britta, Ken and Jason. Lots more people.

We saw Testament play, and metal horned from the side of the stage. They put on quite a show.

Hong Kong

hello all,

we arrived in Hong Kong jetlagged and boiling, but managed to save enough energy to have a lot of fun on our free day. We went to the Mon Kok market and White Noise Records (our good friend Gary's shop/distro/label), and I spent all of my money on records within the first hour of being in HK.

English bars in HK are fun, and we saw Liverpool FC drive past. I saluted Peter Crouch, but he didn't really notice or react.

The show was insane, so hot I was dripping sweat on my guitar with every movement and felt like I could barely stand when I got offstage. We had a few sound problems, but people seemed to really enjoy it - they copied my movements and shouted my name at me while we played - and we managed to play a new song that we've been working on for a little while.

we partied with our friends Nic and Gary after the show, which was a big drunken mess.

Thank you:
Gary, Wah, Nic, Ginnie, Bee, Noel and Rachel, Sapphire, A Company and Slept in Spray, George and Kim, Kennick, Winnie and everyone else.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


we leave for Heathrow in 3 hours. Lovely lovely fun.

See you in the East.


Friday, 20 July 2007


Hooray! We leave on Tuesday!

Hong Kong first. We will be tired, but we owe it to ourselves to party in HK, so we'll fight jet-lag in the name of drunkenness.

We're putting the finishing touches on a new song that Asian audiences will be the first to hear, and on new t-shirt designs that Asian audiences will be the first to wear.

We are excited.