Friday, 27 July 2007

Hong Kong

hello all,

we arrived in Hong Kong jetlagged and boiling, but managed to save enough energy to have a lot of fun on our free day. We went to the Mon Kok market and White Noise Records (our good friend Gary's shop/distro/label), and I spent all of my money on records within the first hour of being in HK.

English bars in HK are fun, and we saw Liverpool FC drive past. I saluted Peter Crouch, but he didn't really notice or react.

The show was insane, so hot I was dripping sweat on my guitar with every movement and felt like I could barely stand when I got offstage. We had a few sound problems, but people seemed to really enjoy it - they copied my movements and shouted my name at me while we played - and we managed to play a new song that we've been working on for a little while.

we partied with our friends Nic and Gary after the show, which was a big drunken mess.

Thank you:
Gary, Wah, Nic, Ginnie, Bee, Noel and Rachel, Sapphire, A Company and Slept in Spray, George and Kim, Kennick, Winnie and everyone else.

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White Noise said...

Hi everyone,

thanks for your great show!

and hope u guys have a great time in Taiwan, Beijing and Tokyo.

have fun!