Thursday, 14 August 2008


After spending a lot of the journey to Chicago arguing, we were happily surprised to see that the Empty Bottle lived up to the huge reputation that preceded it. The city of Chicago was sadly far too big and spread out for us to see in our short time there (as is generally the nature of tour), and so we had to make do with just the venue and its immediate surroundings to satisfy our tourist needs.

The show was a lot of fun; we really enjoyed hanging out with Oceans, and a visitor from Manchester was our only British-English speaking guest until our friend Luke from home (visiting his friends HORSE The Band) arrived at the show as well.

Trevor, from our former show-buddies, Pelican was doing the lights at this show; it was a very pleasant surprise to catch up with him!

Thank you:
Matt, all of Oceans, Jeanine, Trevor, Luke, Nora.

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