Thursday, 14 August 2008

Dayton, Ohio

We drove around the same block in Dayton about 20 times trying to find the venue. Mathilda the GPS kept stopping us by a disused diner with a silver deco design. Turns out the Pearl was that disused diner. Despite this, however, the show was a lot of fun. We really enjoyed the other bands, and they were great fun to hang out with.

Even though Dayton is a strangely ghostly town, 5th St. Deli and Gem City Records were both awesome finds. I spent about a week's worth of tour allowance in the latter, and bought the biggest sandwich I'd ever seen at the former.

Thank you:
Chris, Kyle, Yiye, all of Grizzzzy Bear, John and the guy who flew from Atlanta (I've forgotten your name, sorry!)

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