Saturday, 2 August 2008


About 20 minutes into the drive to Williamsport almost all of our luggage nearly fell from the roof rack of the van, so we had to pull over by the side of the interstate alongside two absolutely-obliterated deer carcasses. The speed and size and weight of the freight trucks driving by evidently causes some serious disfigurement of the unfortunate wildlife that crosses their paths.

We arrived at the show late, because of the luggage disaster, and were all crammed into the van with suitcases on top of us, but the venue was amazing - a converted factory with a giant stage area. We missed the opening band, Black Marble, but its members were all lovely folk and we enjoyed hanging out with them.

After the show we went to an awesome bar called the Bullfrog, where all the beer is brewed in house and has amazing titles. Apparently one of them used Kentish hops, but we didn't recognise the taste, and then we had a big argument about the Happy Mondays. That I won. Take that, Jack.

Thank you:
Rich, Alex, Lee, Leena (happy birthday!), Colin and The Bullfrog

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