Saturday, 2 August 2008


Another late arrival, again because of the luggage on the roof rack. This should be the last time this happens, though. We spent lots of money on freight-quality ratchets to firmly brace everything to the top of the van and hopefully not fling it around the roof on every corner.

The venue was beautiful, a fourth-floor art gallery with multiple rooms and high ceilings, and (thankfully) an elevator.

We played with Soporus, a Saxon Shore side-project led by our friend Matt Stone. That band is awesome; really sleepy, gentle drones with backing visuals. Matt is helping out a lot with this tour and we're so grateful for everything he's done.

The show was quite fun, the vocal harmonies carried really nicely and people were really enthusiastic about it. We spoke to a few guys afterwards over the merch table and they were great; welcoming and friendly and I'm glad we were able to play for them.

We stayed at Matt Stone's parents place after the show, which was a hand-built (!) house at the top of Mt. Gretna and - despite being terrorised by Morgan the dog at 5am - was beautiful.

Thank you:
Matt, Scott, Tim, Megan, Denison, Sarah, Mr and Mrs Stone.

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