Saturday, 14 April 2007


We left Madrid at an unreasonable hour, because Brendan and Simon's girlfriends came to meet us and see their fellas for a day after having missed them for so long. John was pretty far beyond drunk from the night before, and passed out in the passenger seat with crushed crisps all over him, so Brendan drove for about 6 hours. He was driving in the name of love, and we were all impressed (sleepily impressed, after about an hour and a half of sleep).

Dan spent the morning with his girlfriend in Madrid, and planned to get the train to Barcelona in the afternoon, but could't get the train he intended to and ended up wandering round the Madrid suburbs for a while trying to find the tiny station he had been directed to to get the next available seat. Luckily, he found it, and found us, and I soundchecked his violin for him, so all was resolved.

Sergio, the promoter, was excellent and welcoming, and we enjoyed his company very much. It was nice, also, to hear some English accents in the audience, and a Big Scary Monsters t-shirt.

The show was successful - Brendan felt it was the best of the tour so far (and shouted "FUCKING COME ON!" as we reached the final crescendo), and even though it was insanely hot onstage, we had a lot of fun.

I did a short interview after the show, the questions were: "what do you hate most about rock and roll?" and "which band would you most like to play in", which i thought were far more useful and interesting to answer than the standard "where did you get your name from?" etc.

The van broke down this morning, and we were worried about the drive to Angouleme, but I'm writing on the French motorway at the moment, and all should be ok. Brendan, Jack and Olly are wondering aloud (loudly) whether we could become a band of muscular gym-heroes (there was talk of yndi-branded powershakes and dumbells for audience members), Dan is looking confused at his engineering notes, Simon is asleep in a heap, John is navigating and driving simultaneously with admirable skill, I'm feeling the cold I seemed to have developed prettily heavily and am very much looking forward to leaving the van.

We drove through some beautiful Pireneos villages this morning.

Thanks to: Sergio, Sergio's cats, Raphael, Natalia, Rosie, Nix, Nadine, the girl who directed Dan to the station.

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leszek said...

Hi there!

I just want to say that you have great style of writing this blog. I'm reading it with big pleasure :D. Hope some day I will read note about your gigs in Poland...

BTW: I like your style so much that I put link to your blog to my and my friends blog about music. Unfortunately it is in Polish. If you have some polish friends in the UK we would appreciate if you will pass on this link to them: ;). I can ensure you that some day I will write some entry about you and your great music :)