Saturday, 14 April 2007

Don Benito

There was a poster advertising the show at every corner in the Don Benito city centre, and everyone we spoke to was incredibly enthusiastic about our set. I think we signed more CDs, posters (and a couple of shirts, and a guitar that the club owner had bought specifically for us to write on!) than at any other show. We were invited to play there every day.

John, our manager, first heard our songs in Don Benito (the club owner with the guitar played him the record a few months ago), so it was an odd, but lovely coincidence, that we had a chance to play there.

Everyone in the whole town seemed to know Yiye, the promoter, and we were welcomed everywhere we went at the mention of his name.

Apparently there's a video of the show online, i'll find a link as soon as i can.

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Mario said...

Ohh, what a pity. I've just listen your music for first time, and I like it. Searching for Yndi Halda in the web, I've seen that you've played in Don Benito. I live in Mérida, near Don Benito, and I wish I had gone to your concert.
I hope you come back near here someday and I hope to see you.