Thursday, 5 April 2007

Hannover, Berlin and Braunschweig

The food, drink and location of Glocksee in Hannover are all absolutely beautiful. We're the only band playing tonight, so have taken advantage of the time when other bands would be soundchecking to write a little bit of the new song. It's coming along really well, and at the moment looking like it's going to involve a choir (except Jack is too tone-deaf to demonstrate the part he had in mind). We're excited!

Tuesday's Berlin show was really fun. We were playing on the floor, and almost decapitated people with guitar heads often, but it was so inspiring to watch an almost entirely closed-eyes, head-nodding crowd as we played. We celebrated Jack's birthday in the city after the show, which was a lot of fun. Photos to come.

thank you: Tobi, Bjorn, Marcus, Kheira, Johannes

Braunschweig reminds me rather of good old Folkestone, empty streets and strange combinations of shops. Nice pizza restaurant, though. We hadn't had much rest after the Berlin antics, but played without too many problems, and even saw a couple of faces from earlier shows in the crowd. The tour stock vinyl is almost sold out now. We had more shouts for an encore and a longer applause than we'd ever had, which sounds like we probably played well, which is great.

Dan and Bren saved the van door from falling off.

There are lots of photos online, i'll post as many as i can.

These people are great and deserve thanks: Frank, Leander, allen key chap, fat cat.

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Riki said...

ups!, the vinyls are already sold out, hope i can buy at least a poster in Madrid, see you!