Thursday, 5 April 2007


We had coffee on the banks of the Rhine, and had our first conversations in broken German. The Kulturbunker was a stunning venue - high ceilings and chairs and a theatre-style stage in a WWII bunker. The evening was a joint cinema and live music sort of affair, so we watched 2 films and another band before we played. Apparently Gregor Samsa had played at the same place a few months before us to a pretty small audience, so we were happily surprised to see a full crowd.

I fell over onstage, Olly swapped a drumstick for a photo of the world's largest cat with a girl at the show, Dan bought a new pencil sharpener, Brendan discovered that someone had changed his name to 'boob' on his personal myspace, Jack burst out of the Kulturbunker lift at a daringly high speed on a trolley, Simon threw up some more, John's likeness was historically recorded by Jack and his fine penmanship in the Kulturbunker guest book (bands who play there - look out for it).

We saw the enjoy eternal bliss vinyl for the first time, which is lovely (thanks, Scott). The new posters are finally with us, also.

Olly almost had to relieve himself into a bottle in the van, but we found an autobahn rest-stop, luckily.

On the trip to Berlin this morning we passed Slayer's tour van and custom-decorated equipment lorry. We metal-horn'd out of the windows, they flashed their headlights and honked the horn.

Tonight we celebrate Jack's geburtstag ins Berliner technoclub.

Thanks to:
Til, Uli, Timo, Thomas, Felix, Jens and housemates

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