Saturday, 14 April 2007

Rhâââ Lovely Festival

The Rhaaa Lovely Festival was probably the biggest show we've ever played - an 800 capacity festival alongside Crippled Black Phoenix, Pelican, Rothko and A Whisper In The Noise among others. We got lost in Liege, and missed our slot, but the lovely Bracken swapped places with us and everything was fine. We played directly before Audrey, who were absolutely amazing, definitely my favourite live show all tour. We're planning some things with that band, we'll announce details as and when we can (and it will probably involve us going to Sweden). The festival served a beer from the Belgian village of Silly called Silly Pilsner - needless to say, we all stole the dedicated Silly glasses.

I rather fell in love with: the Belgian countryside, Audrey (jag alskar dig!), Silly, the girl who made us tea (she spoke English with a French accent, made great tea and looked like Sophia Coppola - what more could you need?), the entire Rhaaa Festival, Cotil-Wodon primary school ("les enfants jouent toutes les temps!").

thanks to: all of the above, Ronald, Stephanne, Frederic, Michael, everyone else at the Rhaaa, Anna, Trevor and the rest of Pelican, Joe and the rest of Crippled Black Phoenix, Bracken, Rothko, Marie, Geert, Luke and George.

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