Saturday, 14 April 2007

La Rochelle

might have been the oddest show we've ever played. Apparently no-one in the town had even heard of the venue (we discovered it had recently changed its name - we managed to track it down once we asked for the old name), and there was hardly anyone except tourists anywhere. The food at the venue was beautiful, but the show was a little discouraged by the small crowd. Dan enjoyed it, though. We ate some lovely food from the local market the next day, and watched massive fish eat the bits of bread we threw over the harbour walls.

thanks: Marco and everyone else, the tramps and their dog.

We took a day off after La Rochelle, partly to recover from the lack of sleep and comfort accorded by 9 days worth of shows and travelling, and partly to make the vast drive to Don Benito more realistic. We encountered an amazing French wanderer who looked like Bonnie Prince Billy and was completely insane - he was singing loudly to anyone who would listen (and actually had a pretty good voice), and joined a bewildered family's garden party (and was escorted outside), sang us a song about Somerset in French, and shouted "ahh! le chien!" at a dog with an amazingly melancholy joy that has been imitated countless times by us at every available opportunity.

Apparently, i missed a drive up a mountain while i slept in the van.