Saturday, 14 April 2007


We watched a mother duck jump up a ledge too high for her ducklings as soon as we arrived in Stuttgart, and then spent the next half hour or so wondering if there was any way we could help the babies reach the top of the ledge without upsetting nature. In the end we chose not to intervene, but the ducklings were, rather heartbreakingly, still at the bottom in the morning when we left. Olly shouted "you stupid bastard!" at mother duck as we left, and an old German man looked upset, maybe thinking we meant it for him.

Apparently on Good Friday in Stuttgart, there is a rule against dancing, so the venue set up little platforms with mats for people to sit and watch. We didn't pay attention to that rule, though, and rocked out a lot.

merci: everyone at Komma, Jeremy, O Stranger Bend My Heart of Darkness, the ducks

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Will said...

(Maybe I didn't publish my comment last time...)

I think you should have stepped in to help the duck family, because we are nature too.