Saturday, 14 April 2007


the start of the afternoon represented a lot of stress - the Madrid roads are apparently far too narrow to accommodate a large tour van, and the venue seemed to be absolutely nowhere. We found it, eventually, and discovered that the stage was far too small to fit our equipment on, let alone us; so, we planned (and set up equipment accordingly) to play on the floor, but as soon as we returned from our meal, we discovered that everyone in Madrid was at the show, and there wasn't even enough room to stand anywhere except the stage. We could hardly move, and it was about as hot as the sun, but we had a lot of fun, and the audience members standing close enough to hear un-amplified guitars seemed to really enjoy it. Hopefully we'll find some photographic evidence of the stage size online somewhere.

Dan's girlfriend won some money betting on a football match, and used her winnings to fly over for the show, which as a nice surprise.

Thank you: Patricia, Monik and the rest of Fika Sound, Jose-Pablo and Ragoush, Michelle.

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